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Katalogas » DJ technika » DJ/midi kontroleriai » Allen & Heath

Midi kontroleris Allen & Heath Xone: K2

Midi kontroleris Allen & Heath Xone: K2

Prekės kodas: XONE:K2/X
3199.00 EUR
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Universalus ir kompaktiškas MIDI kontroleris, 4x kanalų (2x stereo) vidinė garso korta (48kHz), tinkamas naudoti su bet kuria DJ programa (Ableton, MixVibes, Mixx, Traktor Pro). 52x kontrolės mygtukai ir reguliatoriai (4x šliaužikliai, 30x mygtukų, 12x sukamų reguliatorių), 2x X:Link jungtys, 2x RCA išėjimai, 1x USB.

*Xone:K2 kontroleris gali būti naudojamas valdyti apšvietimą arba VJ programas, jeigu valdymo programa gali priimti MIDI.
*Angliška info:

Xone:K2 is a compact, slim line universal MIDI controller – incorporating a 4 channel soundcard, for use with any DJ software.

With no fewer than 52 hardware controls providing up to 171 MIDI commands across 3 layers – plus the ability to link multiple units using X:LINK, saving USB ports on your computer – Xone:K2 has the power and flexibility to put you in touch with the functions and features of your chosen software.

Quick and simple mapping lets you create a unique layout that mirrors your style and puts the functions that matter at your fingertips, whilst 3 colour illuminating switches give at-a-glance feedback - allowing you to work however you decide.

The high quality internal soundcard provides flexible user setup options using the Xone:K2 with headphones, headphones and a mix system or with an external mixer. Xone:K2 comes packed in a black padded case as standard. The case doubles as a stand, bringing the K2 up to the same height as most pro DJ mixers.

MIDI Control
Xone:K2 is a compact designed MIDI Controller for use with any DJ software such as Ableton, Virtual DJ, MixVibes, Mixx and Traktor Pro. Xone:K2 can even be used to control lights or VJ software – if it can receive MIDI data it can take commands from K2. What each control does is entirely up to you - you can create a completely customised layout that perfectly fits the way you want to work. Xone:K2 has 52 physical controls – including 12 analogue and 6 endless rotary encoders with push switch, 4 linear faders, and 30 backlit performance switches - providing up to 171 MIDI control commands across 3 layers. We also provide maps to get you started out the box and information on how to set up your own.

Latching Layers
A Latching Layers system lets you assign controls to multiple layers, so a single physical control can be given up to 3 functions. You can configure all, some or none of K2’s controls to be linked to the Latching Layers system. As a quick visual reminder, when toggling through layers all switches assigned to a particular layer will illuminate in the appropriate colour.

Audio Interface
Xone:K2 has a high quality internal, four channel (2 stereo) 48kHz soundcard. Setup options include using the K2 with a pair of headphones, feeding a pair of headphones and a PA system, or connecting to an external DJ mixer.

Its slim line chassis, soft touch controls and minimal looks set K2 apart from the pack. There’s plenty of substance too – Xone:K2 is built to Allen & Heath’s renowned touring grade audio and build quality standards, including the use of steel nuts on all rotary controls to protect the circuitry from impact damage.

Case / Stand
Xone:K2 comes packed in a black padded case as standard. As well as keeping it safe on the road, the case doubles as a stand, elevating the K2 up to the same height as most pro DJ mixers.

Two or more K2s can be linked via our X:LINK protocol, expanding the control capability. X:LINK uses a standard RJ45 connector and distributes power and data, allowing connection to X:LINK compatible devices, including Xone:DB4 and DB2, to expand MIDI data without using additional USB ports.

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