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Katalogas » GARSO TECHNIKA - PRO » Stiprintuvai RAM Audio » Zetta serija

Galios stiprintuvas Ram Audio Zetta 210 - PA Power Amplifier 2 x 500 W 2 Ohms

Galios stiprintuvas Ram Audio Zetta 210 - PA Power Amplifier 2 x 500 W 2 Ohms

Prekės kodas: RAMZ210
Papildoma informacija: platesnė informacija
749.00 EUR
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Zetta serijos, H klasės impulsinis stiprintuvas, galingumas: 2x 500W/ 2Ohm, 2x 400W/ 4Ohm, 2x 240W/ 8Ohm, Mono Bridge: 1x 800W/ 8Ohm, 1x 1000W/ 4Ohm Dažniai: 20Hz-20000 Khz. Apsauga nuo perkaitimo, trumpo jungimosi. Softstart, clip Limiter (ICL™) funkcijos. Neutrik® XLR ir Speakon® jungtys. Pagaminta Ispanijoje

The RAM Audio ZETTA Series, is the result of an in depth study, in order to reach the best compromise between economy and performances, taking advantage of latest improvements in automated mixed surface mount and through hole electronic assembly.

ZETTA Series are a project based on an up-side-down mono-block approach offering an all-in-one power module that contains the entire amplifier assembly. Simplicity and effectiveness run hand by hand through the entire design to obtain an effectively skilled and workable product. The last generation QuantaPulse switching power supply allows to reach a new level of refined sensing and control of the power flow.

The cost-effective ZETTA Series amplifiers are packed with solid and convincing arguments for the professionals researching quality, reliability and value!

Main Features
Unmatched audio quality hi efficiency Class H design
2/4 Channels models from 1000W up to 4000W
Ultra light weight 6.5kg, compact package 25cm deep
Last generation QuantaPulse™ switch mode power supply
RAM Audio Power Management System (PMS™) and Clip Limiter (ICL™)
Up-side-down design to avoid fan dust acumulation
Industry standard Neutrik® XLR and Speakon® connectors
Comprehensive protection set (ICL, PMS, SSP, turn-on, Temp, DC....)
Detented sealed potentiometers
Dual or bridge mode operation
Temperature controlled, back to front cooling fan

PMS™: a complete Power Management System that monitors the essential parameters for safe operation. It precisely controls the power supply to the amplifier and output power under extreme and dangerous conditions:

if the internal operating temperature approaches emergency shutdown during irregular operating conditions,
if the power supply draws excessive current under laboratory conditions or during extended acoustic feedback.

ICL™: improved Intelligent Clip Limiting prevents loudspeaker damage while maintaining audio quality and punch under clipping conditions.

QuantaPulse™ Technology: The Soft Switching Resonant QuantaPulse Power Supply is designed to provide plenty of power when needed monitoring the necessary parameters of voltage and current for a controlled performance at all times. Bi-directional data flow between the power supply and power amp module. Two very important characteristics of the QuantaPulse power supply are the optimization against over-voltages and superior reliability.

Technical Specifications:

Product type: Power amplifier
Type: 2-channel
Output power (1 kHz 2 ohms): 2 x 500 W
Output power (1 kHz 4 ohms): 2 x 400 W
Output power (1 kHz 8 ohms): 2 x 200 W
Output power (1 kHz 4 ohms, bridged mode): 1000 W
Output power (1 kHz 8 ohms, bridged mode): 800 W
Circuit concept: Class H
Frequency response: 20 - 20,000 Hz
THD: < 0,05 %
S/N ratio: 116 dB
Damping Factor: > 400
Crosstalk: > 75 dB
Voltage gain: 32 dB
Input sensitivity: 1.9 dB
Input impedance: 10 kohms
Protection: Soft start, power on/off transients, power on muting, overheating, DC voltage, high frequency, short circuit, open outputs, mismatching
Controls: Power, 2 x volume, dual/bridge switch
Indicators: Power LED
Line input connectors: 2 x XLR
Speaker output connections: 2 x Speakon
Cooling system: Fan
Power supply: 30 - 240 V AC
Power consumption full load: 11 A
Width: 483 mm
Height: 89 mm
Depth: 250 mm

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