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Naudotas apšvietimo valdymo pultas SGM PILOT2000

Naudotas apšvietimo valdymo pultas SGM PILOT2000

Prekės kodas: ISP_Pilot2000
Papildoma informacija: platesnė informacija
399.00 EUR
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Parduodamas geros būklės naudotas DMX pultas SGM Pilot 2000, 512 DMX kanalų, 40x scenų, 40x Chase, LCD ekranas. 6x mechaniniai valdymo "feideriai", 19x programų mygtukų, Grand Master "feideris", Joystick valdiklis skirtas PAN ir TILT valdymui, XLR 3 Pin, RS232, Midi jungtys.

*Angliška info:



40 programs to control intelligent units with 40 steps each.
40 chase for a sequetial control of dimmers with 40 steps each.
40 psycho to control dimmers music intensity.
40 preset (light scenes).


Universal DMX controller for 40 units with a maximum of 36 channels each.
Constant monitoring of output parameters thanks to a large rear-lit display.
Using the scroll function, operators can control blocks of 6 channels at a time.
Thanks to the (editable) on-board libraries, it is possible to assign functions to the faders at will: physical and logic channels are independent.
The section dedicated to automated fixtures (scanners and moving head units) has a dual coordinate system: absolute and relative. This ensures perfect fixture positioning.
Pilot 2000 is a standard 19" rack-mounting unit (5 units), but can also be used as a table-top console, thanks to the shape of its chassis.
Possibility of storing data and memories on PC.


512 DMX channels to control
- 192 channels for dimmers.
- 40 channels for intelligent units.


6 sliders fir free programming.
19 buttons for direct access to playback and programming functions.
20 buttons for direct access to playback registers.
Gran Master slider + DBO button
Joystick to control PAN and TILT with locks and fine buttons.
Built in microphone.


LCD Display


DMX in/out connector, SMPTE socket for sync memory change independent adjustment of crossfade time between presets or scenes.
Audio input and built-in microphone for music sync functions.
MIDI in/thru/out sockets.
Jack socket for up/down pedal control memory changes.
RS 232.
Auxiliary AL4 power supply included.


(HxLxD) 7,5 x 48,2 x 22,2 cm


3,8 Kg

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