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Multizoninė, matricinė skaitmeninė sistema Audac R2 Audio Matrix

Multizoninė, matricinė skaitmeninė sistema Audac R2 Audio Matrix

Prekės kodas: AUR2
Papildoma informacija: platesnė informacija
2668.00 EUR
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Daugiazonė, audio distribucijos sistema Audac R 2 Audio Matrix. 8 išėjimai, įėjimai: 8 lokalūs, 8 sieninėms panelėms, 8 šviesolaidiniai. Galingas DSP procesorius. Laikmačio, zonų sujungimo, filtrų funkcijos. Kontrolė iphone/ipad prietaisais. Idealiai tinka patalpoms, pastatams, išmaniesiems namams kur reikalinga vientisa multizoninė garso lygio, audio prietaisų pasirinkimo kontrolė.

*Angliška info:

The R2 is a multi-zone audio distribution system which is a truly polyvalent solution for commercial and residential applications, with the fl exibility of a multizone router. It delivers a comprehensive and expandable powerful solution for nearly every situation. With its large number of extension modules and confi guration modes, it provides a solution for an uncountable amount of installations - large or small, simple or complex.

In general, it is an 8 x 8 digital audio matrix system, which is based on a powerful DSP processor. It is fully digitally controllable, and the built-in digital matrix makes it possible to patch any of the input signals to any of the output signals.

It is standard equipped with 8 analog line inputs and 8 analog line outputs, but the flexible structure of the device makes it easy to extend this number to an appropriate solution for each specific situation.

If desired, it is easy to cascade multiple R2’s with the fiber interconnection modules. This makes it possible to transfer up to 32 channels (16 stereo) and to extend to an unlimited number of zones.

But it is much more than that, due to the extremely powerful DSP processor, it provides greater fl exibility, higher reliability and lower latency than any other amplifi er of its kind. Moreover, it ’s capable of doing complex calculations on the digital audio signals, which makes it possible to integrate digital fi lters into the system and generate complex audiosignals. In addition, a real-time clock is provided which makes it possible to create time schedules with up to 256 pre-programmed events, single and recurring.

Every R2 is standard equipped with an integrated Ethernet control interface which makes itpossible to confi gure and control the R2 from any PC, laptop or PDA which is connected to the internet. Just use your browser, go to the appropriate website and you have complete control of the R2.

An optional touchscreen can be installed in the front of the amplifier and there are optional wall control panels whereby the desired music source and volume can be selected for a specific zone.

An RS232 interface is provided for configuration and control with peripherals from other manufacturers which make use of an RS232 connection, like AMX, Crestron,… and the control commands are freely available which makes it easy to develop specific applications that work in combination with the R2.
Remote Panel
Remote Control

The remote control input is an RJ45 connector which should be connected to a LAN network. This makes it possible to control the R2 system using a web browser.

The RS232 connector can be used to control the R2 with external controllers. This allows the control of the system with hardware of other manufacturers.
Externe Erweiterungen
Peripheral Interfaces

There are 10 RJ45 connectors provided for expansion with additional wall control panels and in- and output modules. All these connectors contain RS485 control signals, this allows the control of the amplifi er from 10 different locations.
8 of these connectors also contain digital audio signals for expansion of the in- and output channels with additional wall line in- and output units.
Priority Inputs

There are two priority audio inputs provided, each with a gain control potentiometer. Furthermore, there are also two priority contact inputs
Digitale In/Outputs
Digitale Audio In- and Outputs

There are digital audio in- and outputs provided which are both optical and coaxial provided.
Link In- and Outputs

There is an optical link in- and output provided which is meant for connecting more amplifi ers in cascade by means of a fiber interconnection. (optional)
Audio In/Outputs
Input 1 - 8 / Output Zone 1 - 8

There are standard 8 line level in- and outputs provided. Each audio input channel is fitted with a clipping LED to indicate when the input signal is distorted, a gain
control potentiometer to control the level of the input signal and RCA input connectors. Each zone output is standard fitted with an RCA line level output connector for the connection of external amplifi ers.When the optional power amplifi er kit is installed, each zone has an amplified stereo audio output with a power of 2 x 40 Watt.

Peripheral Devices

AUDAC provides several wall panels to be used in combination with the R2 amplifier. They can be used to create additional Line or Microphone inputs in a certain area and to control the amplifier settings for a specific zone. All these wall panels are flush mount, featuring a slim and good looking design to blend into all kinds of different environments or interiors.
Internal Expansion Modules

In addition of the enhanced features that the R2 has to offer in its standard version, there are some optional expansion modules available whereby the functions can be extended and be optimized for each specific application.
Web Based User Interface

The R2 features a full functional web based user interface. This means that the amplifier can be fully operated by means of a web browser, which makes it possible to configure and control it from any device which is connected to the internet, such as a PC, Laptop, PDA or even a smartphone, without requiring additional software.

To access the functions of the R2, just use your standard web browser and surf to the IP adress that is configured in the R2 settings. After logging in with your personal username and password, you have full access to all functions of the R2 amplifier.

The web based user interface is very user friendly, and points out his own. After you have logged in on the website with your personal username and password, a fader overview of all output zones is displayed. The configuration menu gives an overview of all settings which can be made, such as time settings, network settings, priority settings, paging settings and the ability to bridge the outputs of the amplifier.

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