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Multizoninė, matricinė skaitmeninė sistema Audac M2 Audio Matrix

Multizoninė, matricinė skaitmeninė sistema Audac M2 Audio Matrix

Prekės kodas: AUM2
Papildoma informacija: platesnė informacija
3990.00 EUR
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Aštuonių zonų audio distribucijos sistema Audac M 2 Audio Matrix. 8 išėjimai, įėjimai: 8 balansuoti(Line / Mic), 4 stereo (nebalansouti), 2 balansuoti prioritetiniai įėjimai, 10 periferinių, 2 prioritetiniai contaktiniai įėjimai, 8 contaktiniai įėjimai. Galingas DSP procesorius. Laikmačio, zonų sujungimo, filtrų funkcijos, 5 juostų EQ. Kontrolė iphone/ipad prietaisais. Idealiai tinka patalpoms, pastatams, išmaniesiems namams kur reikalinga vientisa multizoninė garso lygio, audio prietaisų pasirinkimo kontrolė.

*Angliška info:

The AUM2 is a Multi - Media audio distribution system which offers an unseen flexibility and amount of possibilities for any audio distribution system.

It can handle a diverse array of inputs signals and has enough DSP power to apply the most modern filters, effects and other options.

In general, it is an 8 x 8 digital audio mixer, which is based on 11 powerful DSP processors. It is fully digitally controllable through a web browser interface, optional touch panel, wall panels and even iPhone or iPad apps. The built-in digital mixer makes it possible to mix all input signals together and patch them to any of the outputs.

What makes the AUM2 superior to all other digital audio matrixes is the superior DSP power and advanced software. It contains 8 balanced stereo inputs with Automatic Level Control (ALC) whereto any Line or Microphone level source can be connected. Other functions which can be applied to the inputs are: Noise Gate, Filters, 5 Band Parametric EQ, and Phantom power.

The zone outputs are balanced stereo outputs with the possibility to integrate an optional Power Amplifier Kit (AUPOW2). The outputs are switchable between Mono / Stereo and also have the possibility to apply many other functions such as Delay, Restricting the audio level, 5-Band Parametric EQ and Filters.

Together with the audio outputs, one output relay (NO / NC contacts) is provided for every zone. This can be used for controlling external devices such as emergency lights, bypassing volume controllers, ...

All audio inputs can be mixed to the outputs. To keep a clear overview of all these functions, they can be grouped to different scenes. With these scenes, it will be possible to recall all the right settings by one single action.

Some of the many other features are: 10 programmable contract inputs, 256 Pre-programmed events, fiber optical interface (option), 7” Touchscreen display kit (option), ...

The AUDAC APM paging tables are designed to create a powerful and flexible paging solution in combination with the AUM2.

Note: The AUDAC M2DIS interactive 7" touch-screen display kit shown on some promotional images of the M2 is an optional expansion kit not included in the standard M2.

Technical highlights:


8 x Balanced Stereo Input (Line / Mic)
4 x Stereo Unbalanced Line
2 x Balanced Priority Audio Input (Line)
10 x Peripheral Interface Input
2 x Priority Contact Input
8 x Contact Input


8 x Balanced Stereo Output
8 x Power Amplifier Output (option)
8 x Relay Output (NO/NC)

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