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GARSO KOMPLEKTAI: D.A.S. Audio, Pro DG Systems, Nova... skaityti tęsinį

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Katalogas » GARSO TECHNIKA- PRO » Kolonėlės D.A.S. Audio (aktv.) » Aero serija

Aktyvi garso kolonėlė D.A.S. Audio Aero 20A

Aktyvi garso kolonėlė D.A.S. Audio Aero 20A

Prekės kodas: Aero 20A
5718.00 EUR
Jei norite užsakyti, įsidėkite į krepšelį

Aktyvi 1 x 12” LF+3" HF kolonėlė, su dviejų kanalų D klasės stiprintuvu. Nominalus galingumas: HF 400W, LF 800W. Slėgimas 128 dB maks. Dažniai: 60 Hz-20 kHz. Sklaida: 90º(H) Svoris 34.5 kg.

*DAS Audio produkcijai suteikiama 2 metų garantija
*Angliška info:


– New 800 W LF + 400 W HF Class D amplifier
– DASnet™ remote monitoring and control capable
– New quick-rig system for easy rigging/stacking
– New 12AN4 loudspeaker
– Improved M-75N compression driver
– New purpose designed HF waveguide
– Improved overall performance and higher SPL

The Aero 20A is a compact line array system which incorporates the ALAS™ philosophy and draws from the astounding success of the “all purpose” capabilities of the Aero 12A, launched in 2009. The powered Aero 20A incorporates D.A.S.´s latest technical achievements in transducer design, power electronics and system management.

The low-mid range incorporates a new D.A.S. 12″ loudspeaker optimized to provide high output and reliability. A light aluminum voice coil bonded to a new fiberglass reinforced cone, an optimized magnet circuit, and a new suspension design have contributed significantly to the exceptional performance of the 12AN4 in terms of distortion, power handling and maximum SPL.

High frequency response relies on a compression driver-waveguide assembly developed for the Aero 20A. The M-75N compression driver employs a powerful neodymium magnet structure, a titanium diaphragm and 75 mm (3″) voice coil. A reengineered mounting system which tightens internal tolerances along with a new shorting ring design have increased the power handling capacity of the driver. The M-75N is attached to a new aluminum waveguide that has been designed to be free of resonances and provide a natural sound.

The Aero 20A is constructed using birch plywood and finished with the ISO-flex coating offering excellent protection and durability. Two injected aluminum assemblies attached to the front of the cabinet comprise the high frequency waveguide and the carrier for the 12” woofer. The assemblies also dissipate heat from the components, controlling power compression. An injected aluminum heat sink housing the amplifier and related electronics is attached to the rear of the cabinet.

A new captive rigging mechanism enhances ease-of-use by allowing angle selection to be made while stacked on the transport dolly. A locking system can be triggered securing angles between adjacent enclosures during the stacking and lifting procedures. Safe rigging and precise aiming is achieved thanks to the AX rigging system and low-profile fly-bar that reduces the space needed between the upper rigging point and the top of the array.

The Aero 20A provides the high performance live sound market with a cutting-edge product. Delivering outstanding sonic quality, user friendliness and durability, the Aero 20A reinforces D.A.S.´s reputation for products built to perform flawlessly throughout years of life on the road.

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