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Katalogas » GARSO TECHNIKA - Instaliacinė » Kolonėlės LD Systems

Instaliacine kolonėle LD Systems LD Systems DQOR 8 B

Instaliacine kolonėle LD Systems LD Systems DQOR 8 B

Prekės kodas: AH-LDDQOR8B
Papildoma informacija: platesnė informacija
286.00 EUR
Jei norite užsakyti, įsidėkite į krepšelį

Vidaus ir lauko naudojimui (IP 55 atsparumas poveikiui). 2 juostų instaliacinė kolonėlė, galingumas 120W RMS, dažniai:
62 - 20000 Hz. Varža 8 omai.

  • For indoor and outdoor use, IP65 (DQOR 3) and IP55 (DQOR 5 & 8) certified

  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum front grille

  • Elegant, dynamic design to suit any environment

  • Available in black or white

  • Slide-and-lock wall mount with concealed integrated connections

  • Superb, balanced sound thanks to a 2-way system

  • Weather treated paper cone woofer and FerroFluid™-cooled titanium high frequency driver

  • Wide coverage angle (120° horizontal, 80° vertical)

  • BEM-optimized waveguide for balanced sound

  • 3", 5" and 8" variants available

  • Available in two connection variants: low impedance (8 Ohm) or as a 70/100V version with multiple power taps, and can be operated under low impedance (16 Ohm)

  • Encourage your customers and guests to linger for longer with great sound. Thanks to their wide coverage angle and balanced sound, DQOR loudspeakers provide an inviting ambience.

    Whether indoors or outdoors, with its elegant, dynamic design in black or white, the 2-way speaker fits harmoniously into any installation. Thanks to the clever slide-and-lock wall mount with concealed integrated connections, there is no need for unsightly cables. To maintain an elegant and smart look on the long term, the front grille is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum.

    No restrictions! With a tilt angle of up to 27° and a 45° horizontal swivel angle, DQOR loudspeakers offer flexible positioning to meet your needs.

    DQOR loudspeakers can also be used in a distributed sound system with numerous speakers and long cable runs. The DQOR 3T, DQOR 5T and DQOR 8T models are equipped with multitap transformers for 70V/100V systems to minimize power loss. Play background music and announcements at the sound level you want: the output power of each speaker can be adjusted with a power tap. Alternatively, the transformer variants can also be operated at conventional low impedance amplifier outputs. Their 16 Ohm impedance allows the parallel connection of up to eight DQOR loudspeakers at 2 Ohm. DQOR series loudspeakers provide superb sound and the sort of feel-good atmosphere which always puts your customers and employees in a great mood, whether in your shop, your hotel lobby, at a beach bar or on a cruise ship.

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